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Is my overclock safe?

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I have an Nvidia GTX 675mx overclocked using MSI Afterburner
I have the core at +50Mhz peaking over 700Mhz and the memory at +499Mhz @2300Mhz
My temperature is in the low 60's usually, max being 70.

Is this a safe overclock? Will it deteriorate my card faster?
I put it at max settings, and my game freaked out on me and froze, so i immediately turned it down, and restarted my computer.
After restart, my game was doing low FPS, and my card read that it was using super low memory and core clock (Core:300, Memory 300), acting like it wasn't being used.
I restarted a again, and my card acted fine, i overclocked again, and it kept going down until i downclocked it. after a while i think it stabilized (stopped happening after the first day)

If i up my core clock to +135Mhz, will any problems arise?
Will messing with afterburner too much changing settings often mess my card up?
How high can i take the memory without issues? i feel that 2300 is really high.
Will my card last 3-5 years if keep it overclocked?
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I reinstalled my driver from nvidia, and it seems to have stopped acting weird.
Currently my GPU is overclocked at +135Mhz@650-700ish Mhz core and +500Mhz@2300Mhz memory
I would still like to know if running my GPU at those levels is a safe overclock, and will it lower my GPU life?
It is still running in the 60's with the occaisional low 70 degree peak.
Will my laptop GPU last me 3-5 years still, even with the overclock? or should i lower it?

Btw, +30% performance in FPS with the overclock smile.gif
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