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I'd need to benchmark some AMD CPUs as a control group of my hyperthreading benchmark.

Basically I need 1 Bulldozer more cores the better. 2 6-core Vishera, and 1-2 8-core Vishera.
Download it from here:!QJgXSTjL!berfU1KkBqBqrtTSQA1-Uh762A4yIVWgMvZYOyghkoY

Run pack, pack4C, and pack6C if you have only 6-cores. 8-core CPUs should run pack8C instead of pack6C.
It create some html files, which you should probably copy to and post links here, or copy here directly.

Now if you feel brave, you might try pack12C. Expect MASSIVE slowdown, and monitor temperatures closely.

It requires 64-bit version of Java.