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Hey guys, so last week I decided to take the plunge and cough up an extra 40 bucks a month to cablevision to get theyre hd cable service. If you guys haven't seen my setup, my computer is basically my entertainment center of my living room. The couch is centered accross the room from my PC with 3x 23" Acer Monitors. I use this for my gaming, web browsing, and movie watching.

So since I have no space to put a tv into this whole set up, I decided to use my right most monitor, to second as my TV. I purchased an HDMI auto switch that causes the monitor to switch to tv whenever tv is turned on, or else always show the computer screen. It has 2 hdmi inputs (my cable box and my pc) and outputs it to my monitor. It is working perfectly.. except for this issue im having.

The issue comes in when I switch from CPU "Nvidia Surround" to showing TV on the one monitor. My video card automatically shuts down nvidia surround, and only displays on One of the 2 remaining monitors. For temporary reasons I just manually turn on extended desktop to stretch across the 2 screens, but it is much of a hassle, especially for what i have to do when i switch my tv back to PC. When I do this, it shows up blank, and I have to manually configure nvidia surround all over again, including adjusting the bezel correction. Totalling about 5 minutes of extra time and effort, that I don't mind doing, but it would be really tough to walk my girlfriend through over the phone when i am at work.

Essencially I would love if i can set up my surround so that when 3 monitors are detected, Nvidia surround works as usual, When one screen drops out, I want it to go to extended desktop mode with the remaining 2. And when I switch my 3rd monitor back to pc, retain the original surround setup along with the bezel correction settings.

I tried googling this, but since I couldn't put an exact name to the issue im having, it was tough to search for. If anyone has any advice please let me know, right now I feel like I am stuck.. I already solved the problem of outputting my cable box and pc to the same speaker system.. and this video problem is the last remaining bump in this road.

I guess I want to try and have 2 profiles for my nvidia surround. 1 when there is all 3 monitors connected, and 1 when there is only 2 monitors connected.

See you around guys! holla! and sorry for the terrible grammer and spelling, im at work and im just trying to get through this post as fast as possible before the boss sees!