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There are a few topics around covering this with some possible solutions.
This is the first time for me using these fittings on the Titan blocks. Those little o-rings are a pain to keep in the groove while mounting and if they move just a tiny bit out of the groove when mounting you can kiss the gasket goodbye. Even worse if you don't catch it (and it would be hard to be honest) and you fire up your pump your mood isn't going to improve.

Some have suggested wetting the gasket, using petroleum jelly (Vaseline), heating the o-ring in boiling water, etc. I only tried light PJ and found the results not so great. After cleaning everything up with tetrachloroethane I decided I need to try something else.

I wasn't desperate enough to use some CA (superglue) to keep the o-ring tacked as there would be some concern of attack (crazing) that could lead to failure.
I was in Home Depot today and while passing through the electrical aisle happened upon some Klein "Premium Synthetic Clear" pulling lube. I looked at the bottle and noticed how "tacky" this stuff was and grabbed some!

Checking the MSDS here:

One quickly realizes this stuff is about as inert as you can get for the job! Purists rejoice, this won't foul your coolant! And if used properly it wouldn't get in the water.

Using SMD forceps as an applicator I carefully applied this in the grooves. The o-rings laid down and behaved like they were tacked with permatex! I was even able to wipe off the excess and clean up the block completely with out fear of them coming out.

This made the job of installing the bridge over my titans easy, like taking candy from a toddler! No problems and no leaking! Fired up the pump (Iwaki RD30) and closed off the valve to put the circuit under full shut off pressure. Not a weep to be found. Success!

So if you're finding yourself in the doldrums of the misbehaving o-ring, this stuff works wonders! The quart bottle is about eight dollars and should last any modder a lifetime! This would come in handy for those pesky EK HF premium gaskets too although those were a walk through the park compared to these.

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