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@ Malmentar. Valid points + a bit tired. Made a crazy move today. Bought a secong ares 2. The one that was in R.O.G fb contest came to Finland. It was in Finlands own"ebay" for byu-out price of 1100€ biggrin.gif ..Now I'm thinkin of a new case + psu's biggrin.gif ...or sell it on ebay n get 2 x titans for testings...decisions..

What it comes to accelerator.. Well.. gputweak first freeked,´. Comp showed I got 4 x ares 2 and 12 x 550Ti gtx and flipped. I lol'ed.
Booted the comp. Drove old 281... Nvid drivers in.. Tweaked.. Score on 2. go : Gpu : Ares 2, Ares2, 550Ti gtx (only physx on ,gpahics off,auto update off)..lies..lies..lies... tongue.gif

Will keep testin some off these bad-asses. 2morrow is an interesting day as we put 1220 kuhler with ares 2 for a moment n check the resuls. Also the mobo is switching but only from saber 2gen to saber 3gen. Will c.... Some new ram's I do need to buy as I only got Gskills atm. (from corsair etc.) them I'm pretty much good to go untill its time to go below -50'c on cpu thumb.gif

Long story short : Worx great (The "accelerator card")..lovin .i.e Borderland 2 with high physx's biggrin.gif
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*Bit tired* I meant by that me... my son is age of.. 4 months! + 2x cats + customers pc's...I rly need to watch my steps..lol
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BTW... got in my old rigs album here...got CFX 2 x 6870 xxx editions and scored more than with a 7970 ghz edi (1x) ..still pushed 2 x 6870 xxx's to 10400 points in 3d11..should have those results here...its my old rig...my rig is under construction 24/7,365 days a year..dunno when I'm happy. Atm I'm having a blast @ seti@home by calculating em packages n sending em to SETI. thumb.gif
Off. bit solomining now n then to finish a block...i'm in a no hurry..just wanna c how long will ares 2 do a block or will it do in 2 monts as I calculated (offc. I can be extremely lucky in solomining too) ..
But as for 6870's ..in CFX they beat the crap out from ghz 7970..thtas pretty much reason why I got 2 x of em instantly b4 testin one..tongue.gif
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keep it up... I like hearing the results.
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Damn! How did I missed his thread?!

Props to Alatar and Green for the major contributions and work put into this. I was always curious myself on how each system perform as well.

Thanks guys!
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Out of the box run. I need to make sure of everything. Check windows. Bios. Drivers... Familiaiz myself into 3gen. biggrin.gif

Ripped my rig into parst n builded it up again.

Swapped sabertooth 2gen in2 sabertooth 3gen
Zampezi (8150) in2 Vishera (8350) ..long waited change thumb.gif
Cpu cooler from kuhler 620 in2 kuhler 1220.

Lost my raid 0+1 and got atm. 2x120Gb hyperX ssd's in raid 0. Will be putting my barracudas there too as soon as I get a pair to my another.

Seems ( glimp just) that mayby ram is bottlenecking a bit... mad.gif ...aint sure.. got gskill with stock voltage 1.75 4x 8gb so I know the scores would be better and the overall benchmarking perfomance if I'd just would use only 2 x 8Gb Rams instead of 4.

My point is that if u can slap 32Gb u slap it. We'll figure out the bottleneck. Gskill is a still good ram to overclock / change cycle.

But yeah..todays my birthday (33 now) and my mrs yells play or do some **** she dosent consider work (i.e she considers oc'ing as work as it is partly true but not when I'm on my own comp.. tongue.gif ... Well...will keep the thread alive.

2. game notices.
1. old games..like serious sam BFE (HACKED, played with friends on stock and "had a speedhack" ..well..
2. Bioshock Infinity. No problems even with Ares 2 own benchmark drivers.
3. Borderlands 2. Considering I had an " accelerator gpu with ares on 1. run and pretty much all games got a resolution of 6xxx x 1xxx redface.gif
Well..on tahiti drivers + accelerator..worx great. Wit ares 2 driver works great. Dunno was it the saber 2gen and pci 2.0 ..> 3.0 RLY a bottleneck because of ares ?
4. Borderland 2 with-out accelerator. PhysX not as cool but vishera does a nice job. Ares 2 driver.

Tomorrow : Dead Space 3, Far cry 3, Tomb Raider + 3dmarks (11 and vantage prolly) thumb.gif
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May request for Tomb Raider, The Witcher 2, and Arkham City?

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Tomb Raider. Worx great with Ares 2 n own drivers, with matrix 7970 single and 7970 ghz CFX (all settings ultra).
Got Arkham Asylym and now probs there.. I c no reason Arkham city wouldnt work.
The most trouble (not lately anymore) has been Sleeping Dogs ultra in eyefinty + power consume on Sniper Elite v2 (950w on pause menu)..500w-600w when gaming.

But as far as I have tested no fails in Tomb Raider (legit and ware ,as its a solo game ,but I do not recomend that, and I do own a retail version)..just tested..rolleyes.gif

Far Cry 3 gives me the most trouble (STILL) with ares 2 driver...the resolution in eyefinity jumps over 6k x ...so its unbearable.. Single monitor it worx well..Allthou it makes my cpu damn hot considering 1220 kuhler is givin h2o coolin..

FC3 offc. tried Flawless widescreen, beta eyefinity, bad adapters..no difference.. Gonna still find the solution for it. All the simple solutions have been done. Time to go deeper...thumb.gif
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