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I emailed Targus and they said the Targus Voyager II 16" Backpack does not have back padding or a waist strap. I just placed an order for the Voyager 17.3" backpack biggrin.gif

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me about two specific backpacks.

1. Targus Voyager 17.3" Backpack ($75 online)
2. Voyager II 16" Backpack (Plaid) ($40 online)

I have only seen the 17.3" one in person and have had no luck finding the Voyager II at any local stores. I really like the 17.3" Voyager and I am wondering how the Voyager II 16" compares to it.

My biggest question about the Voyager II is if it has the same back padding and shoulder/waist straps that its big brother has. The padding on this backpack is probably my favorite thing about it.

If the Voyager II is simply a bit smaller and made for 16" laptops, why the huge difference in weight? I think 1.3lbs is a big drop considering the difference in height and depth is only 1-2cms and hardly worth noting. The Voyager 17.3" does have an extra 7cm to it's width but I still can't see where the weight difference is coming from unless there are more major changes besides the size difference.

This is the best and only picture I can find of it:
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