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Hello Forum

I'm currently using a msi 7970 Lightning Edition GPU
It has been running great for the past couple of months until this week a very loud Whine noise keeps occuring every 20-30 seconds
Also I have noticed in the Catalyst Control Center that the Activity indicator ramdonly goes from 0 - 75% (This happenes when the squeal/whine occurs)
and the temperature goes from 33* to 50* in a second then everything goes back to normal.

I'm using stock clocks 1075Ghz - 1400Mhz on the clock and memory
Using current AMD Drivers.

Do I have a Faulty GPU?

I have taken up an RMA with Overclockers UK


I7 920 OC'D 3.80GHz (Not 100% stable, could this be a factor?)
12GB DDR3 XMS corsair Memory
7970 GHZ MSI Lightning GPU
Corsair 650 PSU
asus xonar sound card
2x 1tb hdd
500gb hdd.