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I've been doing some research about overclocking the GT 330M in my Sager Np5125, and it seems like I should be able to get at least a small overclock out of it with NVIDIA inspector, but I'm having some trouble with the voltage settings. I managed to force the card to P0 state (it was in P8 while playing PlanetSide 2 which I know is not right) and I can then overclock the P0 state, but I think my voltages are too low because I'm experiencing artifacts.

Planetside 2 seems to run alright, but Bioshock Infinite crashes, and I have visual artifacts in APB Reloaded. Temps are only around 71 degrees in Bioshock when it crashes, so I'm willing to push them up a bit with a little more voltage. The problem I'm having is that the voltage is greyed out in nvidia inspector.

Nvidia Inspector
Nvidia Driver 314.22

I've tried forcing -setVoltage:0,0,095000 in the shortcut I use for my OC, but that doesn't seem to fix anything. Also, in the monitoring graphs in Nvidia Inspector, the GPU0 Voltage is listed as 0mV. Obviously it's not 0, since the card functions, but something is not reporting correctly.

Should I try a different version of Nvidia Inspector?
Should I try a different Nvidia Driver, and if so which one?

My attempted overclocks are as follows: 650, 900, 1430
and also 620, 825, 1350

Does anyone know of a way to force enable voltage editing? Is there a driver or firmware mod I could do?

Thanks for any input,


Edit: Also, Subvendor is listed as Schenker (1558) if that makes any difference
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