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help with intel; OC

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hi could any one tell me if this is right http://valid.canardpc.com/2760283 or could you tell me if there is any thing that can be made faster or if iv got things running to much thanks
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I would first set a 333X8 ratio and would not overclock the RAM.
CPU voltage to 1,45V. Do not use a default stock cooler.

I would down-clock the RAM form 400 to 333 in order set a 1/1 FSB ratio with the CPU.

Why the heck i am seeing that you have overcloked the RAM together with the CPU? This is not an AMD system, the RAM controller is in the northbridge, not in the CPU. You should be able to overclock the CPU independently from RAM... What is wrong with that picture?

Later i would try to overclock the FSB of CPU from 333 every 10 MHz step up and keep the RAM/CPU FSB at 1/1.
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iv be told how to do that now iv unlinked the ram and cpu in my bios its saying ram 800mhz and cpu is at 980=2.2mhz iv got a arctic freeze cooler just realy finding it hard with this mobo as it so much different that amd as i dn get cpu thing like 100s mhz my are in the high 900-going in up to 3000 so im trying to find out the right mhzs
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