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i have a sapphire 6870 flex edition and realized the toxic was much better cuz its stock clock was 970/1150 vs the flex's 900/1050 mhz. so if figures they were similar cards and tried the bios. it has an increased vcore for better overclocking but the only downside the second dvi will not work. the first dvi, hdmi, and the display ports work fine.
-how to overclock-
1. backup bios in gpuz
2.a. Create a USB boot disc. Using the HP Format tool, create a DOS startup disc
2.b. Copy the three files from the ATiFlash zip folder into your USB also add your new and backed up HD6870 bios
2.c. Restart your computer and boot from USB.
3. flash toxic bios with ati tool command ( atiflash -f -p rom.bin )(rom.bin is the bios)
4. download msi afterburner(sapphire trixx is too buggy)
5. overclock to 1200/1200
6. if you want re paste your gpu and get 6 copper heat syncs for the ram and make 1 copper thermal shim for the two chips under the heat pipes. this can be made out of an old dimm of obsolete ram with a copper heat sync... i reuse the thermal tape
6 oc to 1280/1250
enjoy i went from 580 to 737 in heaven 4.0 normal tess, qual hi, no aa, 1920x1080 rez

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