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FX-8320 Overclocking Help! [LoL]

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So i did the title coz of the 8350 thread ... and i didnt really read what they wrote there coz im sure people just asking how to change multiplier ... (not trying to be rude about it either) so my question is
my comp specs could be seen down below
currently i have set my 8320 from 3.5Ghz - 4Ghz and disabled turbocore technology

i want to hit 4.4 Ghz (if possible with near stock voltage)

what would i need to set as my LLC with my current PSU?
ratio multi or fsb overclocking?
change the NB voltage? or leave it auto? what else should i look out for? i was really into o/c when i had my 1045T and stably o/c to 3.6Ghz then just stopped there coz i really liked that number (compared to the 2.7Ghz)

thanks! sorry for being vague its exam season and my brain is FRIED from readings frown.gif thanks again OCN !!
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are you guys just ignoring me?

i have read the guides im just still unclear ...
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What are you unclear on? Those guides on here tell you pretty much everything you're wanting to know. No point in answering "how do I overclock my CPU" when there are already excellent guides right here in this forum. Not that it matters though because you're not going to get very far with that Hyper 212. Trust me, I had one.

This is as good a guide as there is for overclocking Bulldozer and Vishera.

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yes i plan on getting the XSPC RS240 soon ... very soon ... so i guess i will hold out until then
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