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Hi all!

Long story semi-short...

Started getting code 62 errors when I was playing with the oc. I have heard this is caused by many things including gpu software bugs, bad memory, bad gpu, bad pcie slots...

Tried reseating memory and gpu, updating bios, and some power tweaks on the gpu. Known fixes are basically what I just listed in the previous sentence. I was only able to boot at stock speeds until I flashed the bios. Now I can oc again, but I get random crashes, and loss of display. Each time I reboot and get stuck at code 62.

I removed the battery overnight at the request of rog. Then after about an hour today I lost the display while watching YouTube. Reboot, and back to code 62.

So I downloaded memtestcl and ran it. Got 700k errors on the vram. Idk if it is accurate since I have never used it before.

Running memtest86+ now. Will post results, and screen of the memtestcl.

If anyone has experience, or knowledge of these types of issues, your help is greatly appreciated. Basically, I dont know what to rma lol!

Thanks in advance!