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i have probably WAY too many texture and lighting mods installed, but i've never had a crashing problem before. i recently switched from using the CBBEv3 female body mod, to the UNP body. since then, i haven't been able to make a character in the game. usually what happens is i'll go from the default NORD male preset, to my ASHEN male mod preset. it loads up just fine, no stutters, no problems. but when i switch from male to female, it will start to stutter, then my framerate drops down to about 4fps, then it crashes (all in about 3 1/2 seconds). i've tried things like disabling hair mods and eye color mods, dropping my settings temporarily to all lows, and starting a new game many times, but it still does it most of the time. the other times when it successfully changes sex, i can create my character with all the fun sliders and yada yada. and it runs great, until i hit "R" (Finish and name character). when i press R, it instantly crashes to desktop. so stuttering, freezing.. it's like hitting a kill switch.

what do you think the problem might be?
i also don't have any custom/stand alone armor weapons, npc, followers, pets, etc. it's just the vanilla game, with better visuals.

my pooter's specs:

amd FX-6200 6 core 3.8ghz
radeon HD 6950 2gb ddr5
AsRock extreme4 am3+ mobo
16gb hyperx blu ddr3 1600
thermaltake 850w 80+ psu
and a really expensive cup-holder.. i mean blu-ray drive..

Thanks in advance!!! biggrin.gif