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I recently upgraded to a HD7850 and whenever my monitor goes to sleep when I move the mouse to get out of sleep the GPU doesn't display a signal so I have to reboot.
There are times when it wakes normally and sometimes when it doesn't so I don't know what's causing it to not "wake up" properly.
It seems to be a very common problem with the HD7xxx series but there seems to be no real solution aside from not letting the monitor go to sleep. If I manually turn off the monitor and turn it on again I have no problems though.
I found one way to get the GPU to display a signal once the monitor has shut down is unplugging and then replugging the DVI cable which seems to jolt the GPU awake for some reason but I don't want to have to keep doing that all the time.

I am on Windows 8 Pro and I previously had the 6850 which was working without any problems whatsoever.

Any tips on resolving this? Thanks in advance.