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Picked up a Zalman Z9 from microcenter for $45, here I am trying to fit it in my porsche #humblebrag

haf xb2.jpg

Put it together last night and it's very nice, they thought of everything, even the motherboard had thumbscrews. Nice and roomy, five slide bays for 3.5" drives but only one spot for a 2.5" SSD mounted to the back of the motherboard. 15k SCSI and two 1.5tb SATA fit without issues.

I'm not much of a case guy, i buy a case and I want it to last for many years, this one feels like it will last. It would probably even be good for a regular desktop, but I rip the desktop PC apart too often, I need a test bench so I bought the $95 cooler master HAF XB for that. My only complaint with the HAF XB is only two 3.5 slots, I'll have to use one of the two 5.25" slots for a hard drive, but with four 2.5" SSD bays it's pretty much future proof

but for $45 the Z9 is hard to beat!