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i know this probably isn't the best board for overclocking. i have a Phenom II 560 BE unlocked to a 4 core. using the auto-overclock function in the BIOS it sets the reference clock to 217 and i dont think it adjust voltages from stock at all. i've gotten it stable with a reference clock of 219 and CPU voltage set to 1.40. to push it further i feel i need to adjust HT, NB or RAM settings. but the settings in the bios are a little daunting for me. another thing which concerns me is that I have two different brands of RAM. the BIOS shows the voltage for RAM at 1.5v but CPU-Z shows that the mushkin RAM should run @ 1.65 volts when @ 1600. the BIOS wants to default the RAM to 1333 and i left it there as upping the reference clock will but the RAM somewhere between 1333 and 1600. i know with the BE processor i can just up the multiplier and cpu voltage back and forth to OC on easy mode, overclocking is fun for me and i was trying to see if I could overclock with both the reference clock and multiplier. and decided to see how high i could get the reference clock first. perhaps i should just return the ref clock to stock and only adjust it after i've gotten the mutlier as high as it will go in which case i may not have to mess with the NB or HT or RAM as much. but i'm not necessarily looking for easy mode. i've included some screen shots of CPU-Z HWmonitor and the daunting BIOS page for reference. thanks in advance for any advice.