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Hi guys, my first post here just wanted to clear up something about monitor/display overclocking.
Recently I've bought a monitor Acer GR235HAmii(which is 3D) for my gaming laptop for home use, I was aware from beginning that this monitor is capable to run max 75hz in 1440x900 resolution and my gaming laptop has only VGA and HDMI ports. Yesterday, after gathering some information about overclocking I was able to set it to 74hz in 1080p, tested some games and noticed a huge boost. Then I asked myself why not try laptop's display too and tried 70,80,90,100,110 and it went up to 120hz easy, tested more and didn't notice any artefacts, tried to see some difference from 80hz to 120hz and didn't notice anything so I kept the 80hz option for single use and another custom 74hz for when I use both display and monitor.
What I would like to ask now, how different laptop displays are from normal monitors? I feel like I wasted 300$ and didn't even try to overclock my old monitor. The more you learn...