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Really, looking at your case you are able to put a 240mm rad in the top and a 120mm rad in the rear. Obviously you have the option to go for a larger rad in you want to have it outside your case. To be honest, I would go to frozenCPU or PC Performance and start by looking at watercooling components and see what brands, aesthetics, etc in what you would want. Start narrowing it down. Here on OCN your gonna get every suggestion and possibly just confuse you even more. My suggestion is start with looking at what radiators you might want and how thick your able to install in your case, then choose the type of CPU/GPU blocks you want, then look at fans, then reservoir. Ask yourself do I want a bay or tube. You can answer this by looking at watercooling builds, then look at tubing and coolant. Then decide on fittings. barbs or compression fitting. Just by looking at watercooling builds should answer most of your questions. Then go from there and see if it can work with your case. Good Luck.
Ok sounds like a plan firslty I will pick my choices then come back and see if ive made the right ones. Cheers