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What's my 7950 voltage?

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I'm messing about with voltage and lowering it to reduce temps. I'm using Hardware Monitor, MSI AB, Trixx, GPU-Z and 3dmark11 to stress test.

I can't get a proper reading. Hardware Monitor reads the same thing regardless of settings... Running MSI AB with stock voltage My temps hit 73. I unlocked voltage and forced constant. Temps hit 65. So it seems to be working but other then temp readings, I'm unable to visually see lower voltage.

What am I missing?
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Open GPUz, start 3dMark and monitor your voltage while it runs. Dont run it in fullscreen mode though. If youve set it to force constant coltage there will not be much fluctuation.
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It's working. I have the same issue. Hardware monitor doesn't show the correct voltage. Only the boost voltage of 1.25v when under full load.

You can use the OSD that comes with Afterburner to see the voltages in full screen.

My cards are running much cooler with the lower voltage set.
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