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NVIDIA GT 640 Owners Club

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I realized that this little guy has no support here. It is quite a decently powerful card, 25-35FPS on Bioshock Infinite with max settings 1080p. Even though DDR3 is a let down this is quite a brilliant card. I struggled to find any good reviews on it before I purchased it. It went great with my $300 budget machine. Now I can't find anyone who even owns one for gaming use.

Am I the only proud owner of one of these?
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I don't use it for gaming, but I have one. I use it for MFAKTC on a linux box. I've got MFAKTC tuned to get ~65 GHz-days/day out of it.

I got a lot more in Windows, when I could overclock it (from 950 -> ~1228 mhz), and would generally get 82 - 84 GHz-days/day.

In comes the disappointment with Nvidia's linux support. No OC in linux. Period. Unless you can successfully modify the bios.

I have tried several utilities to do this, but anything that opens my BIOS screws it somehow.

I notice that without changing any settings, just saving to a new file, the checksum changes.

Flashing this "new" copy of all the "same" settings results in a 20% performance hit (~52 ghd/d).

So it's a great card if you use Windows.

In linux it's even more efficient in terms of SP Float, if you don't mind not being able to push it.
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