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Hello everyone,

I am a computer engineer student and I'm looking to buy a new laptop. Currently Sony has a fairly good deal where you get a free video card and RAM upgrade for their Sony VAIO SVE14A390S.
I upgraded the processor in the custom configuration to a i7-3632QM. The processor supports Intel Virtulization fully. However I need to know if the bios/chipset supports it.
Sometimes the bios doesn't allow you to turn on/off Hardware Virtulization. I need this especially since it help performance of virtual machines. Sometimes in my course I find myself running several Virtual Environments at once via VMware.

I was hoping that someone might know if this specific laptop supports it or not. I really dont want to buy the laptop and find out it cant do what I want it to do. I've been emailing, phoning and online chatting with sony reps all week and cant get a straight out answer or proof from them.

Also if anyone has a suggestion on a decent laptop deal that supports virtulization I am more then happy to listen. I'm looking to spend ~$1,000 and the specifications need to be at least a i7 (with intel VT-D) and a decent screen resolution.

Thanks in advance!