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good I am glad you got it takin care of! your temps are high because the voltage is most likely being reported incorrectly like I stated before your born is know for that. but anyway congrats and enjoy the overclock.

if those voltage are correct your cpu needs a remount because those temps would be way to high at said voltages
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Is there any way for me to find out what the voltage is for sure?
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Your motherboard doesn't have an voltage monitoring points (at least legit ones).

Only other thing you can do is check you voltages in the BIOS, but that won't give you a "load" value.
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as said doesn't seem to have a accurate place to put DMM probes so I would say add .5-.1v to your current voltage and that is prolly your voltage your running
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I almost wonder if I would be able to return the board to MicroCenter as "defective". I would kinda feel bad, but at the same time having a voltage reading that is that far off is not ok...
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This is not Microcenter (I'm in Europe), but where I bought the last time, I could exchange a board for credit to use against the price of a pricier board. I did not send it back as defective. I talked to customer support and explained things I noticed about the board, and told them I can't really use it. I explicitly told them the board is working perfectly fine, and they tied accepting it back to first checking if I didn't damage the board.

The story I told them was even pretty suspicious. I said the VRM area gets very hot in my compact, badly ventilated mATX case, and I'm afraid of the coming hot summer days as I already noticed the CPU throttling despite it being at most at 70 C temperature. The part about throttling was true, but I didn't mention it was while overclocking and at 4.5 GHz.

You could contact customer support and not lie about it being defective, but explain your experience with the voltage, and lie that you actually checked this with a multimeter, and ask if they would take it back for store credit.

Personally, I actually feel it's not important to have correct voltage readings for you personally. It's important if you want to share screenshots with people, but for yourself, the process of overclocking works exactly the same as with other voltage readings. With the cooler you have, you're also looking mostly at temperature anyways. You won't ever be able to get to whatever voltage is dangerous before the CPU starts hitting over 100 C and throttling (there's only one single story about a degraded Ivy Bridge CPU).
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Yeah I think we are thinking along the same lines. I don't plan on lying about it, just that the board IS defective "for my purposes" if the reading is that far off. At the moment, like you said, it isn't a big deal. Down the road though I have plans on adding a second GPU, going to a bigger case with better airflow, and finally water cooling the CPU and going for broke with it (though admittedly this is probably 2-3 years down the road when my computer starts seeming "slow"). I generally only buy a computer every 3-4 years, so towards the end I might need the board to be more accurate so I can be sure of what I'm doing.

Then again the whole thing might be more trouble than its worth...
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