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hey all,

i am just wondering if anyone can give me a helping hand to do my first volt mod on my card, i thionk it is needed as i am encountering lots of errors and freezing at the current settings it is running, which isn't good for what i am using it for. i started overclocking the GPU but hit a wall. at this wall i an taking 10 - 15 seconds of lagg when i am playing in a game which isnt good for me at all so what i did is put the card to stock frequencies and i am still having problems. so i have put it under stock and i am still encoutering these 10 - 15 seconds of lagg, could it be that the GPU isn't getting enough power to it?


Further Information:

Card Type: Inno3D Nvidia Geforce 6200 256MB AGP 8X
GPU: Nividia Geforce 6200
Core: NV44A
Memory: 256mb DDR2
Bios Version: 5.44.A2.09
Direct X Version: 9