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I just got a new workstation, an HP Z820 with 64GB, and dual Xeon E5-2620's. I'm running Server 2012 and I am new to SAS. I'm using the onboard LSI SAS2 2308 Mustang. Currently, all of my drives are on the SAS ports as follows:

Intel 520 128GB - boot drive
Patriot Pyro 128GB
Samsung 840 500 GB (2 210GB partitions, remainder as over-provisioning)
(2) 1TB Western Digital WD1002FAEX-0 (caviar black)
Hitachi HUC106030CSS600 10K 300GB SATA

Bunch of questions, but the 3 I need to solve first are:

1) Should I move 2 of the SSD's to the 6GBs ICH ports or leave them on the SAS ports?
2) Should I add in any RAID config and if so what level and which drives.
3) I have one more spot for a 2.5 drive (I have to get an external), so my choices for the last open physical space inside the case is:
Intel 520 180 GB or
SAS Seagate ST9300605SS 10K 300GB not real fast, but not knowing how being a SAS drive might change that (IOP's maybe)?

I've been writing software for many, many years, but this is my first exposure to SAS. I don't normally join site's but I have been impressed with the level of knowledge I've seen here (especially Sean's articles).

Thanks in advance for any insights or help. Oh yeah, one more question (don't want to look stupid on my first post, but...) Am I missing something obvious in the way the forum works? My reason for asking is every link in Sean's articles on Windows 8 and SSDs just takes me back to page 1. I've tried compatibility mode in IE10 and adding to trusted sites (not something I take lightly), but still bounces back to page 1. Thanks.