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Classy Blue

This will be an overhaul of my 2nd ever personal build, I have only recently gotten a career so making a build like this has always been a pipe dream. When I first built this computer I sold everything I had and went all-out with what I was able to save and built my first water cooled pc. This is also going to be my first build log, however not my first time modding my case or hardware.

Original Parts List
  • Case - Antec 900 Original
  • Power Supply - Mushkin 1000 Watt
  • Motherboard - ASUS P8Z68 - V / GEN 3
  • CPU - Intel i5 2500K 3.3Ghz (O.C. 4.7Ghz)
  • Memory - 16GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz (O.C. 2200Mhz)
  • Video Card - Nvidia GTX 650Ti (O.C. 955/2055)
  • Hard Drive - 120GB OCZ Intel 330 Series SSD SATA3 6GB/s
  • Water Cooling - Thermaltake BigWater 760 Plus (Modded Push.Pull Config)
  • Fan Controller - Scythe Kaze Server Advanced 4-Channel
  • Exhaust fan - 200mm Cooler Master Blue
  • Side & Rear fans - 2 x Crystal LED 120mm 2000RPM 77.26 CFM
  • Radiator fans - 2 x Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance
  • Front fans - 2 x 120mm TriCool blue LED

Goals & Reasoning
This Overhaul is well over due, as I said before I sold everything I had to get the computer above and it was more then I needed, and took pride in my build. I now have some income, and have always wanted to expand my watercooling to the GPU but could never afford it. Now that I have the ability to purchase what I really like I can customize my rig to my liking with some class. My goal is to finally build a computer that I can take pride in, by having personal customization with every portion of the case and parts.

I'm keeping my old Antec 900 case, this is for a few reasons:
1) I don't like the size of the cases now-a-days, they are so big and bulky its a waste of space and almost becomes a little too much going on.
2) When the Antec came out originally I fell in love, it was the first real gaming rid that showed off some flair with the vintage blue LED's in the front and the historic 200MM BIG BOY fan!
3) I know people hate working with the Antec because the drive bays suck and cable management is almost non-existent, and I want to show that with a LOT of love, you can bring this case into the 21st century

I say Classy because its old school, The original Antec was the pinnacle of computer "bling" but now it is somewhat reserved in it's display compared to the computers out there now. Blue, well I love the original blue LED's and coloring scheme that came with the Original Antec.

The Overhaul
I went all out and spent over $1200 on expanding my watercooling loop, and increasing my esthetics with a new pride for esthetics. My focus on this build is going to be very clean, cable management with a flash of "wow", these parts are going to help me do this.

New Ordered Parts:
  • Radiator - XSPC EX240 Cross-Flow Slim High Density Dual 120mm Radiator (arrived)
  • Tubing - Feser Tube Hose Clear - 3/8" ID - 1/2" OD (arrived)
  • Reservoir - Liquid Fusion - 250mm blue helix
  • CPU Waterblock - XSPC Raystorm (arrived)
  • GPU Waterblock - XSPC Razor 7970 Full Cover Water Block Prepared for SLI (arrived)
  • Coolant - Ek Water Blocks Fluid UV Blue
  • Fittings - Bitspower BP-RCPF-CC2 Silver Shining Rotary Compression Fitting (45 & 90 degrees)
  • GPU - Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 925MHZ 3GB 5.5GBPS GDDR5 V3

The Build
My focus is to do a 2x radiator GPU + CPU water loop, I will be doing a push-pull configuration for both radiators. I really don't like the top or bottom mounted radiators, they look bulky and are usually taking up visual space either on top or bottom of the case. During this build I am going to convert the front 120MM fans to a push-pull configuration for my dual radiator in order to hide the radiator and use the front fans for something other than just pushing air through the computer. This will also be run through my current thermaltake bigwater 760 plus 120mm radiator, with a push-pull configuration, this is tucked into its own dual drive bay installation.

I am replacing the bigwater 760 stalk reservoir with a FrozenQ liquid Fusion blue helix reservoir. This will be mounted half in and half outside the side panel as a focal piece, I will cut a hole in the side panel next to the window to have this beautiful clue helix shining outside the computer. As well I will be painting the interior of the case a glossy black, so the UV colors of the coolant will bounce off the shimmering sides. If this ends up the way I hope it should look fantastic and I will be happy with my first GPU watercooling with compression fittings.

Cross-flow Radiator for optimal tubing and direction of flow

Drivebays cut out for radiator and fan location

First coat of paint

Things are coming along smoothly, the radiator push pull is setup, and the placement is perfect, it was made for a dual radiator! I still have a few holes to cut for the exiting of the loop to the Frozen Q reservoir on the outside of the side panel, but Im waiting on the fittings, Res and video card...

Fits perfectly like the antec 900 was meant for this smile.gif

Cross Over Radiator to bring the loop back where it came without a long tube for the return!

Push Pull Config, nice clean LED's and amazing air flow

A mock up of what it will look like once I fasten it in, but still more cutting and modding to get it just right wink.gif

Wait until you see the cable management and the water loop run, it's (hopefully) going to be short, clean and sweet. So far I've done provisions for ever custom cable and tube.. Now just waiting on a few more parts like the fittings and the reservoir thumb.gif