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Good Adhesive for RAM

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I have decided to change the heatsinks on my RAM cards (not for thermal performance, as I know heatsinks are useless for RAM), to make them look pretty. That is simply it, so I have removed the old heatsinks, and I have the new ones that I wanted. Now, the next step is to attach the heatsinks onto the RAM. Does anyone know of good adhesive for attaching the heatsinks? It does not need to transfer heat at all, but just stick them together. I have tried Electrical tape, that worked for a little bit, but then it started falling off, and I know most tapes wont work, because they lose their "stickiness" when they are heated up. Also, if you know some good stuff, where can I find it?

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I would get some thermal adhesive tape. You may not need a lot of heat transfer but insulating them may not be a good idea.

Pretty cheap stuff too.

That being said, I have use 3M/Scotch double sided tape for a few things (called Mounting tape) to hang things and once its stuck its not likely coming off. Not sure the exact one but anything in the line should work for RAM.
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Yeah, I have taken a look at the 3M stuff, but I have noticed that it is really darn expensive. As I have 3 double sided ram sticks I gotta put the heatsinks on. Thats why I tried to find some alternatives such as electrical tape. :/ I can stop by Menards tomorrow and maybe pick up some of that mounting tape. Do you think that will insulate it a lot? I do have decent airflow through my case, so heat shouldnt be a problem wtih my RAM.
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The 3M stuff would insulate quite well I would think. Basically a foam core with plastic layers of adhesive on each side.

Airflow doesn't matter if the heat can't get out.
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Is that arctic silver stuff like a glue? Or is it more like their thermal paste?
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Originally Posted by Mast3rRoot View Post

Is that arctic silver stuff like a glue? Or is it more like their thermal paste?

It's basically thermal paste combined with super glue tongue.gif
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Hmm.... I think I will go for the Arctic Silver stuff. I didnt know that existed!
Thanks guys!
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Use ordinary silicone rubber sealant because it can take the heat (the worst silicone can stand 400F, long term), and it's so soft that you can slice through it with a razor to remove the heatsinks later on. And even though temps aren't that important for RAM, silicone rubber tends to conduct heat better than thermal epoxy because it can be squeezed out for a thinner layer. Silicone rubber has long been widely used for cooling chips and transistors, and you'll find it in almost every power supply, TV, and monitor, usually in the form of sheets that are thicker than silicone sealant applied directly. And while you don't need any special heat transfer silicone, such products are available, and 3M made a type that was used for our old solar water heater panels.
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