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Corsair Dominator GTs 2133 unstable after rebuild?

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Hey guys,

I recently just built a brand new rig and it's a bit unstable at the moment. It was perfectly stable at 2133 before I took everything apart to build my water cooling set. However, everything became unstable once I set up my water cooling kit. I left the CPU at stock frequencies while using the xmp profile for the ram and it was no longer stable. I am a bit confused as it was 100% stable before setting up the watercooling kit and I am sure I did not break anything. I double checked and made sure the ram stick is right in the sockets. I am currently stable at 1333mhz which is just very odd knowing that these sticks should be able to handle 2133 easily. I also tried increasing the ram voltage above 1.5 to 1.55 and still no luck.

I have 2 set of these rams at 16gb totall


CPU: Intel i7 3770k
Ram: 2 sets up 8gb sticks as shown in the link - 2133mhz @ 9-11-10-27
mobo: sabertooth z77 r2.0
psu: evga 750w

These rams are rated at 17000 but CPU-Z says max bandwidth is 10700. In this case, it thinks I am over clocking the ram if I put anything higher than 1333mhz. Anyone encounter this before?

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I did a few memtest runs and so far it passed all 4 sticks without any error. I am starting to think this is a voltage issue but increasing it to 1.65 still does not keep things stable.
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If anyone ever come across the same problem, just be sure you did not tighten the water block too much. I decided to loosen my waterblock on the CPU after trying every timing, voltages, and misc. It fixed the problem and I am now running 2133 without any booting issues and primes are solid. I honestly don't know how tight it has to be since the manual did not show the amount but you should just tighten it to the point it stops.

Over tightening it will put some pressure on the pins and they will slight off the of contact point. thumb.gif
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thanks for the heads up
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