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Corsair is just too awesome. I own the white C70 case and I plan to get another one in military green. smile.gif
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I've been building and modifying PC's for 3.5 years now and in that time I have never had to RMA an item. For my new build last November I decided I was going to have "the best of the best" or as close as I could afford. So I ditched my 2 year old CooolerMaster Silent Pro 700 in favour of a Corsair AX860i, cost £160.
In April I shut my machine down before bed and on waking up pressed the power button to find an "endless boot loop" of the PC powering on for a few seconds then dying. I eventually found that by flicking the PSU switch several times I could boot up only to find that my Windows 7 installation had been erased.
A month later after £££'s expenditure I had it running again but 3 weeks ago it happened again so I decided it must be the PSU and RMA'd it to Corsair in the Netherlands at a cost of £19.60 to me.
Without telling me they sent an entirely new AX860i to me, so I now have the new PSU and the box of cables from the old one.
Should I be impressed?
No not really. Their faulty goods cost me 7 weeks without my desktop, loads of unnecessary work and £19.60 of my hard earned with no indication they will refund me.
And of course for all I know the replacement PSU may have the same problem if I open it.
So, I have obtained a cheaper XFX PSU and my PC is running sweetly again.
The AX860i has gone to a certain online auction site, as has the box of cables.
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