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I was wondering if one of these chips could handle this game with an fps config without dipping too low. If anyone with either of those chips without a video card could test this it would be appreciated. I'm not looking for a "yeah, it maxes it out!", I'm looking for min/max/avg numbers from a fraps benchmark during a timedemo. If you're willing to test this for me please follow these steps:

1. Download this, one file is the demo and the other is the fps config. apu 1339k .zip file

2. Put the autoexec.cfg in the team fortress 2 > tf > cfg folder.

3. Put the demo file (named benchfail) in the team fortress > tf folder.

4. Enable Dx8 mode by adding -dxlevel 81 in the TF2 launch options, launch the game once and then close it. Now go back and removing that option from the launch options. To set launch options right click TF2 in your steam library and select properties, the button should be there in the general tab.

5. Launch TF2 and type this into the console: timedemo benchfail

6. Start a fraps benchmark recording with MinMaxAvg checked. Start it after the demo starts playing and stop it right before the demo ends.

7. Post the fraps results here for a thank you and a rep. And include the cpu and gpu clocks that were used too.

I know that's a lot of work that most don't have time for but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
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