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Hello everyone! I am happy to announce Darkfall "2.0" Unholy Wars has officially launched as of April 16~

I'd like to take a moment to point out some really great features of DFUW that an old Darkfall 1.0 player can say really makes a big difference in this full loot sandbox PvP game...

- NO MACROS NEEDED: Completely removed all dependance on macroing. In the original Darkfall, I literally ran a huge autohotkey script at all times because the game was almost unplayable (competitively) without them. They have added many great additions to the keybindings, completely overhauled the GUI, and completely overhauled the way in which players engage in combat... Take it from me, it's 100x better.

- NO "GRINDING" NEEDED: Back in the original game, I would literally macro every single night so I could max my stats and skills. DFUW has added a skilling system called Prowess. When you do literally anything, you get prowess points... kill a mob, mine a metal node, skin a dead mob, chop a tree, gather herb, craft armors, craft weapons, craft boats, literally anything... and these points are used to lvl up ANY skill you wish. Your stats, your skills, anything. You can literally create a character, go pvp and kill players to gain prowess. You can do ANYTHING to gain prowess pretty much. Just play the game and so it is.

- ADDED ROLE SYSTEM: In DFUW, there are four roles. One may change their role as much as they like for no cost, but you may only change every 15 minutes. The roles are: Warrior, Skirmisher, Elementalist, and Primalist. Each role will eventually have a total of 4 sub-roles, but the game has launched with each role having 2 sub-roles. When one chooses a sub-role, the main sub-role you choose will grant you the ability to use its "ultimate" skill (thus switching sub roles will give different "ultimates" per role).

- ADDED SAFE ZONES: The new safe zones are really great. In a very small area surrounding the starting NPC cities for the 6 different races, there is a green safe zone where other players can do no damage to you. For example, if you are in the wild and just crossed into a safe zone... there is a 20 second buffer and once complete, you are safe and free to bank/gather/craft in peace. The world is MASSIVE so these small areas around the NPC cities seem big, but its a very small portion of the map.

Use the TORRENT option when downloading the client

Here are some links to check out:

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My Clan's Page (Neighborhood Watch)


Thank you all for reading
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Happy hunting everyone
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