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Match 120 in Losers Bracket
paradise vs hendralisk
Map 1 to hendralisk
Map 2 to hendralisk

hendralisk wins 2:0

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The casters got back to me and we'll be doing both days starting at 3 PM. If people in the WB semi-finals and LB Round 8 want to play their matches that were supposed to be done on Friday and just send in replays to events@overclocked.net that is totally fine. Otherwise the start time will be 3 PM on Saturday and we'll be using a channel that we'll email out (just so randoms don't join and spam or something) for official live communications between admins and casters.

Also, Tycoon not sure if we'll be able to accommodate you but if you want to try the same thing (play ahead of schedule and report with replays attached) with your first Saturday match you're more than welcome to.
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Okay guys, this is a pretty big update so I'm going to try and hit all the pertinent points while being as concise as possible.

On May 2nd I actually resigned as a full time staff member of Overclock and gave up my salary to start my full time summer job. We've been looking for an outside contractor to pick up running the OCN Challenges ever since that point, with myself running the tournament as a volunteer until a replacement was found. We've finally managed to get an agreement together and the folks at E-Sports Canada will be picking up a huge portion of the tournament administration and stream production. ESC will be contributing several more members to our production and administration team, which up until this point was only two people. Included is ESC's President Ken Silva who many of you may know better as the Commissioner over at NASL.

Ken and myself have been working over the past few days on a plan to wrap up the StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Challenge and we'll be executing his design going forward. I had originally intended to run the Competitive Division finals for this weekend and have what we can done to wrap up the OCN-Only Division finals for next weekend, but we had a management meeting tonight which has changed that plan. Instead we will be doing both division's finals next weekend, which means that the matches scheduled to be played this weekend (May 17th through 19th) for the Competitive Division will be put on hold until next weekend.

Play will be condensed into two days instead of spread over three, with the matches beginning at 3 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, May 25th. Ken has taken the lead on creating a stream schedule so I'll leave it to him to elaborate on the exact details but the OCN-Only Division and Competitive Division will be staggered to finish both by Sunday night.

The main tournament contact email will remain as 'events@overclocked.net' and all official communications can still be done either through that, via PM, or in this thread. Email is the preferred method as we now have multiple administrators actively checking it to help reduce turn around time for all inquiries.

We apologize for the delay but hope all participants understand that the changes have been made to ensure the remainder of the tournament being executed as smoothly as possible.
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ok,thanks for the cup and hopefully see you on some other project, gl
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yea thanks for the cup rikkandrsn

question, can we still play games beforehand and have casters cast by replay or is it strictly scheduled to be on may 25/26 when casters ready
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yeah im wondering this aswell. Are we still able to get our games done this weekend and send reps or do we need to wait for live cast?
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sup with bracket?
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Originally Posted by frozz View Post

sup with bracket?
I think they disabled the brackets during the live stream since certain matches weren't live.
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