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Antec 620 gone bad?

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Is there a way to test a 620? I own two and think one may be faulty from the factory. Has this ever happened to anyone? how can I test it?
Thanks for all your advice in advance,
Loeteke1 (new member)
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You just want to test the pump itself? If you have a spare PSU, jump the 24 pin with a paper clip bent into a U shape. As seen here. One side going to a black and the other to green.

Then plug the molex of the 620 into the PSU (most of the AIO units use a molex for power)
Then when you plug the PSU in it to the wall it will power on and give power to the pump for you to see if it's coming on.
If you're using something like an AX series PSU though, and all of the cables on the 24 pin are black, you could use this to jump the power supply.
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Thanks for your rapid response!
There is a problem: The power plug for the pump is the little block with three holes in it that goes onto the CPU FAN header on the mobo, nothing on the PSU fits this. Is there a way to get around this?
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Have any of these laying around? I've picked up a couple over the years from fans and other stuff.

EDIT: Probably more like this?
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No, but I could order one, what are they called?
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After a little dumpster diving got a hold of a psu from an ancient gateway with the right connections. I used a thermometer with a laser sight to monitor the temp. The pump surface started whirring, went from 72*F to 73 for a moment, went back to 72 and stayed there.
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Try to describe what's leading you to believe you have a faulty unit.

Does the unit make excessive noise? Sometimes when first starting up the cooler there may be noise caused by air that hasn't settled yet. This is normal, and should go away after a few minutes.
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I took it out of an old rig & just wanted to test it, the pump runs so apparently it's Ok. There is no undue sound. The thermometer was purely an experiment, I was curious if the temp would decrease. I imagine it only happens when connected to a running computer. Is that right?
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