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If the BIOS set itself that way and it's running stable and cool, there's nothing to worry about as far as I would say. XMP is only for Intel processors, however, on the G-Skill forums I've come across some people who've had the same thing happen with the G-Skill RAMs on AMD builds if they've flashed a BIOS update recently. I did my latest BIOS flash for my GIgabyte 990FX UD5 a couple months ago, and although it didn't automatically set the rated 1866 frequency for my RAM, it did automatically detect the proper latency setting and allowed me to manually set the speed to the rated 1866 without needing to modify any of the voltage settings, something I spent almost a week going back and forth with the guys on the G.Skill forums attempting to do prior to the BIOS update.

THANKS biggrin.gif

So I will enjoy my 1866 MHz ram