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Originally Posted by jerrolds View Post

When I bent the metal frame into shape i made sure it was flush against the floor in every possible way, lying down, on its side, upside down, right side up...then after i put it all together i realized i had a metal T-square i couldve used tongue.gif Imo its pretty tough to bend it in such a way that itll crack when putting it back on.

That does suck tho.

I did it awhile back and didn't really see anyone talking about bending the frame back at the time mostly just the tape mod. I just made sure to do a real good even job with the tape but I guess with the frame being bent and adding the tape all around was too much pressure and cracked it. frown.gif Oh well at least if this new 1 has bad bleeding I should be able to get a free replacement.
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On the tram with my qnix qx2710 lol. Will post picks later, really concernee for dead, bright pixels and excessive blb. Wish me luck!
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Ok, so wow. About half an hour ago I was playing an Oculus Rift Demo called 'fallen angel's lair' or something like that, when something went funny with my video card (Possible unstable OC on my gtx 580) and I ended up with a blank screen and about a 3 and a half inch wide row of pixels on the right side of my monitor looking very badly damaged (the row was similar to the way the pixels would appear if you had an unstable OC on your Qnix, but much brighter).
Resetting my PC and keeping my fingers crossed, I arrived at my UEFI only to be very disappointed that the damage was still there. I figured my brand new monitor was borked...
So, feeling somewhat defeated (and out $340) I resolved myself to trying multiple things, powering on and off the monitor repeatedly, switching ports on my GPU, wriggling the cord, etc. Only to be disappointed every time and nearly ready to cry (not seriously tongue.gif, but I had nearly given up and gone to bed seriously bummed.).
So after booting back in to windows to gauge whether or not I would be able to work with a portion of my screen being borked, I noticed that the damage had seemed to fade somewhat. This gave me hope.
I started running through all the wallpapers I have set up on my desktop, leaving the brightest ones to sit for a minute or two, and then switching back to the dark ones, and YAY!!! The 'damage' began to fade and is now completely gone!
It turned out that when my video card did it's 'thing' the brightness of the rows of pixels had caused some rather heavy, but temporary (thank God, I did) burn in. Our Qnix was not damaged after all and now I am happily typing this out telling you my story.

So if something similar happens to you guys, do what I did and keep your fingers crossed that it's only some temporary burn in!

I'm so happy right now lol, what an emotional night! wink.gif

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It's not burn-in, it's (color / image) retention. They are very different.
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Well I set it up, and ttriedny monoprice 24awg cable, plugged it in and bam, scan lines like a laser show. Started to cry then tried the default one, and is perfect WOW, $35 down the drain but im happy, time to oc biggrin.gif
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Has anyone tried the 327.23 nvidia drivers? I checked the last few pages and there were no mentions.

Disregard. I searched it and found the answer. Turns out the drivers were out a week. Hehe. I tend to take time to read every post so I am currently backlogged 30 pages...
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Greetings everyone. This is my first message on these forums. I've been searching a lot lately for 'the' monitor but so far nothing that would satisfy my needs. I was going to buy Viewsonic VP 2770 but i couldn't find it in anywhere. Now i got interested in these Korean PLS Monitors. What would be the best option you think for me. My criterias are:

-27" 2560x1440
-PWM-free like VP2770 (i had issues with Asus PB278Q)
-I want to use 1440p res in video editing in desktop and 1080p res in gaming
-I'm not interested in high refresh rates. I'm currently gaming on a 19" 75hz Viewsonic VX922 2ms LCD monitor, which is pretty fine imo. A ghost free image at 60-75hz is good enough for me (i play FPS games mostly. Quake Live, UT and COD)
-HDMI in connection (to be used as a camera output monitor)
-Minimal backlight bleeding (very important) and minimal pixel issues
-Budget: 800$-1000$
-I want to solve my monitor issues with one product only, instead of buying a 1440p monitor for video editing, and 1080p monitor for gaming.

Is there a Korean PLS Monitor that ticks these or am i out of luck? What would you recommend? I'm not interested in any Dell or Asus like models to be used as a single monitor. They are not good enough. It is either VP2770 (which i can't find anywhere) or Korean alternatives. If i can't find a solution, i guess i'll have to go with a two monitor setup.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.
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Im looking to buy this monitor but i have a question about connections and cant seem to find the answer for this. I have a asus 780 and it has two DVI ports. Will i be able to just buy an adapter?

This is my graphics card:


Since you need a DVI D for this monitor, am i able to just buy an adapter from DVI to DVI D and still be able to OC it?
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Yes - that video card should have 2xDL-DVI outputs, one DVI-I and one DVI-D. The I stands for Integrated, which supports DVI-A (analog) and DVI-D (digital). You wont need any adapters to get that video card to work with up to 2 QNIX (or any 1440p DVI only) panels.

DVI-D (digital only, single-link or dual-link)
DVI-A (analog only)
DVI-I (integrated, combines digital and analog in the same connector; digital may be single- or dual-link)

http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/GTX780DC2OC3GD5/ for more details about that card
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thank you! very relieved! cant wait to order one
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