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So my PSU has been acting up lately. I've been getting random shutdowns recently, and last night, when I restarted, it seemed no power was going to the motherboard (The CPU fan wouldn't turn on, but everything else would), so I switched my expensive sleeved 24 Pin with a cheap chinese one. It worked and now the system is running. So I shutdown to attempt to switch back to my more expensive 24 pin to see if that was the actual issue, and the screen turned off but the system kept running. I thought it might keep running for the next 40-50 seconds, but I left it for 10 minutes, and it kept going. I turned it off by holding the power button, and switched the 24 pin cable again, and it worked fine. I shut down again and it kept on running once again. Anyone know how to fix this issue? I got a RMA number from Corsair for my PSU Fan, which seems to have a faulty bearing, but works fine, but they want me to send it to Hong Kong, which would cost me over $100 AUD.