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Does CaseLabs have a cure for this?

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hello CaseLabs and members.

I have an interesting issue and what to know does CaseLabs have a cure
for this?

this is a SM8 with a RX/UT60 480 wanting to be installed in the front.
using spare 2x single flex-bay mounts, it is sooo close, but not 100% solid.
plus also, shifting the radiator more to the center (approx. .250") to center
fan mounting and make a lil more clearance for the top connection (if
alphacool rads used). I believe it is fanaggling and possible, and prolly
no/low demand for this. along the ideas of the MAC-161 (12-bay), but modify
by taking one 5.25 slot out and making it shorter for 11-bay usage.

my thinking is to have a positive intake pressure (4-in, 3-out), looks narly
as hell, and allows res/pump mounting in a vertical from the radiator fan
mounts. CaseLabs, is this a viable option for CaseLabs SM8/X owners?

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update 04-28-2013

I've ordered the MAC-161 (12-bay) and installed it into the front of the case.
with some tinkering and adjusting, I believe it will fit with slight modifications.
  1. the tap-bungs are one-hole too high
    • drill tap-bungs to fit the receiver pegs
    • this should center the radiator assembly a closer even center
  2. drill-out next hole to size to receive vibration o-ring
  3. through-bolt radiator holder to chassis with ny-loc nuts or order 6-32

here is the roughing work drafted:

comment, suggestions..

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Ya I'd say that look pretty gnarly!! thumb.gif

How are you going to solve the issue of the grill on the rad mount? Are you going to enlarge the opening of the Flex-Bay/Front cover? If you intend to take it that far then I would suggest a different approach.
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i plan to leave the chassis and front panel opening stock. i'd' trim the flex-bay grill. the grill
is easier to replace, than the chassis/panel.

i'm open to any suggestions, because this is the angle i'd like to pursue.

I've got a selection of radiators to pick from for a cool combination

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There is going to be one issue with trimming the grill. At the top of the grill you will notice a small bend with about a 3/16'' lip. This bend gives the grill rigidity and if you remove this bend the grill will may want to bow in a bit causing a gap.

My suggestion is a bit more involved and definitely would involve some major reconstruction. Its going to be a little hard to describe without pics, but I'll try biggrin.gif

1. Remove the front chassis section.
2. Remove all the pins in the flex-bay area. I think the easiest way would be to just cut them off with a dremel.
3. Take the mounting section of the rad mount and center it on the backside of the front chassis. There should be about maybe 3/8'' overhang on the top and the bottom.
4. Mark the locations of the threaded inserts (or PEM nuts as we call them) and drill holes in the front chassis to accommodate.
5. Using a dremel enlarge the opening in front chassis to accommodate for the overhang. (Keep in mind that the front cover will hide any no so clean cuts)
6. With a very steady hand, cut the front cover in the same way as the front chassis. Before you make any cut, get some blue painters tape a tape over the area where your going to cut. This will give a cleaner edge.
7. Finally using some white touch up paint (we have this available for special requests) and touch up the cut line. You shouldn't have to use any on the actual front of the front cover only cutting surface.

I know its extremely involved and I wouldn't be at all shocked if you didn't want to hack up your brand new case. I just feel that with any mod (PC, car, motorcycle etc.) you should strive to make it as though the manufacturer designed it that way and I can't think of any other way to achieve this. Also if you do make a mistake you can always buy the individual part you need as opposed to the whole case.
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thank you for the excellent advice. I am really liking your suggestions a lot more,.
trying to remove thousandths from the fragile grill vs. the easier is to .375" from
the larger mass items.
will let you know thursday/friday

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Your welcome and I look forward to seeing your end result!!
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Any updates?
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special k,
i have not completed the modifications, yet. but still marking and measuring.
mobo is in rads faux mounted and resies are positioned. got a lil more to order in and
place before final judgment is made. will deffo update, soon.

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Wow this looks amazing. Build log?
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