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Anybody who reads this thread i will some it up.

Forget about the 1440p and 1600p monitors for gaming.

144fps will blow your mind and you will not regret it.

Try and buy the Asus VG248QE. In the USA its only $261 from newegg.

I say all this from experience.
Ive had all different setups.
Ive used 1080p samsung 55" tvs, s23a750, Optoma gt720e projector, 3x VG278H, Samsung 970D, Samsung and now the 3x VG248QE which is by far the best in portrait surround. Im as fussy as they come and i cant knock it.

Just starting the windows 7 install.

NICE setup man. Yeah the 144hz Asus with lightboost would be my choice for gaming hands down. If you want 1440p and want to game i would go for a Qnix and overclock it to 120hz. This will give you a bit of both worlds but will definitely not be as good as the 144hz Asus in terms of response.