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Temp Sensors Joined Parellel???

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Hi all

probably a stupid question, but out of curiosity... what will happen if I join 4 temp sensors together in parallel and hoked the one terminal to the temp controller? what Im hoping is to put a temp sensor on each of my 4 ram modules, join them all together parallel, and get the one average temp reading or highiest temp reading on my controller, what I would predict is because of the multiple readings the controller will just not work with this setup... but it might surprise, just looken to see if any1 has done it...
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I doubt that would work predictably. Current will always follow the path of least resistance. It will likely do very strange things through the sensors (which are thermally variable resistors). It won't hurt anything to try it out, especially if you have something with a known stable temperature to test against.

1. Place all 4 sensors in contact with a known object "referece" for a "baseline" measurement. With a multimeter, test the resistance on each sensor. Note any discrepancies.

2. Wire two sensors together in parallel and place in contact with your "reference". Measure the resistance and check against baseline.

3. Place one of the two sensors against your "reference" and the other against an ice cube. Measure resistance.

4. Place both sensors against an ice cube. Measure resistance.

This will give you some information to characterize how the sensors behave when their readings vary. You may also want to try it with all four at once. Place three against your "reference" and one on an ice cube and see how far it causes your reading to change.
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yeah sounds like ill try that, I have an old controller with sensors, ill do some tests and post some results shortly...
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So I did a little test with three temp sensors and the result was pretty interesting

The first test was with one sensor just for a base line and got a steady temp of 24 Celsius
Then I hooked up a second in parallel and got a steady temp of 42 Celsius
Then a third with a steady temp of 52, but the third temp sensor was in pretty bad shape also so I don't trust the reading fully with the third

So in saying that, what looks to be happening is the controller is adding all the temps together into one reading. If the third sensor was working properly I would be confident that the temp reading would just be three times higher then the actual temp.

So if a circuit could be made so that if four temp sensors could be joined together, it would automatically dived the reading into the desired increments and display an average reading?? This would be a good thing to do but not sure if it’s possible??

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Did you hook them up in parallel or series?

Parallel: all yellow wires tied together, all green wires tied together
Expected result: average of all sensors, give or take for weirdness

Series: String yellow1 to green2, yellow2 to green3, yellow3 to green4, attach green1 and yellow 4 to display.
Expected result: addition of all sensors, give or take for weirdness
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I had them all connected parallel

I might try series as well and see what happens
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so I joined them in series and didn't get a reading at all.
while it was on, I changed it to parallel and got a reading straight away.
I started with on temp sensor with a reading of 20 celcius, and while it was on, attached the second and instantly went to 40 celcius

so what im thinking is ill hook 4 sensors together parallel, put them on my ram modules, and what ever the temp is displayed ill just dived by 4 in my head for the average reading
but a circuit that could do this before the signal gets to the controller would be really handy!!! biggrin.gif
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*scratches head* Do you have a multimeter? I'm curious now how those temp sensors are reading. Doesn't sound like they're simply resistors. I tried looking online to see how they're read, found lots of programs to put into an Arduino for reading them, but couldn't find what specifically is being read.
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I don't have a multimeter but I can soon get one, im curious also, if there is a way it can be done I want to know, im currently using a reeven 6 eyes controller, I might compare the reading between the sensors on that and my old controller..
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