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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

One can assume it ensures durability of the 20m rating, but yes.

I was taking the weight out of my G100s last night and confirmed that it too is using these little white plastic pads on the switch towers as well. Which explains the mushy clicks.

Very disappointing Logitech, especially if they added these to improve the click rating at the expense of tactile feel.
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Just wondering if anyone had any input on the lift-off-distance now that the G400s has been out for some time.

(Only one poster in this thread actually replied to the question asked initially)
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Do you even know how much an inch is? LOL...
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LOL sorry, my post was deleted because of profanity, forgot that this was a no swearing forum.

Anyways, yes lol. I measured the max lift off distance of my last g500, and it was 3 inches, blew my mind.
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