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Memory upgrade for my new Fujitsu LH532

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So, I bought a new laptop, Fujitsu Lifebook LH532, at a real bargain.
it got Intel® Core™ i3-2328M processor, 3 MB, 2.2 GHz(Sandy Bridge), and 2 GB RAM(Hynix - HMT325S6CFR8A-PB) RAM Datasheet.

So, now I want to extend the RAM, and I am considering buying 4GB Crucial or something similar. so my question is, are these RAM's compatible?

Below are the specs of original Hynix RAM:

Memory Type SODIMM
Capacity 2GB
Pins 204 Pin
Bus Type PC-12800
Cycle Time 1.5ns
Cas CL11
Data Transfer Rate 1600Mhz
Memory Clock 200Mhz
Rank Rank 1
Voltage 1.35

Although it is showing as CL11 and 1600MZ, but CPU-Z reports that its running as 9-9-9-24 and 1333MZ. BIOS is Phoenix, and OC is not enabled, so I cant change any of below.

So, is my current ram compatible with the Crucial one I posted above? I am a noob when it comes to hardware, I am just a software guy sadsmiley.gif

Help me nice people hannibalsmiley.png
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When it comes to OEM, I always use Crucial's website to figure out what memory and capacity the system supports. I looked up your laptop:


Your system will work with up to 16Gb of ram, so the capacity seems fine. As for your current ram, it looks like the ram is running the JDEC #5 specs. As for compatibility, I would recommend getting matched sticks. I wouldn't mix crucial with Hyundai sticks because they are probably different types of ram ICs. You can always try and see if it works. Just try to get the same speed and timings.
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Thanks for the link, I'll check it out then. I did check the timings and other stuff, problem is my RAM is 1.35V and its very hard to find 1.35 online with same specs, I can find plenty of 1.5. I am under impression that voltage has to match as well.
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