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Yes sir thumb.gif Actually I got the FHP-141 and a couple of Corsair SP120's (high performance/static editions) thumbsupsmiley.png

Didn't forget about you guys who are curious about this SA & FHP-141 setup. I'm waiting for the extra SA fan clips (should arrive any day now) I had ordered off Ebay so I can mod them perfectly for that Silverstone fan. I'll be posting an update soon. I got a busy weekend...It's prom weekend for the daughter and I had promised my son to take him to see Iron Man & Oblivion.

Aaahh cigar.gif as a dad is a wonderful sleepysmileyanim.gif ...thing biggrinsmiley.gif

Getting to back to the FHP-141, I'll try to get this set up and let you know how it works out around the middle of next week.

How do you like them after a month?