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follow those lutro guides that mikey posted, good stuff. also if you want to do some double wires you might need to get a slightly larger sleeve size or try and bunch up the 1/8 sleeving so it gets a little wider and slip that over the double wires

Sorry I can't help you with the UV colour of the moddiy ones, I can't find any decent pics except on that site you gave me. generally green has a strong UV colour.

ty for the help Stickee

I'm going to get >100ft of neon green from lutro, i'm just worried about the proper sizing of the heatshrinks

i'm hoping i can do double wire with the paracord or it's going to suck for me biggrin.gif tomorrow im going to try and research so i can place the proper order on Monday

really want to sleeve some cables so i can clean out the back of my case