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Antec chillcontrol VI

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Hi guys, first of all can I apologise if I've come to the wrong place, I new to the forum world.

I built myself a rig (first one) and bought a H20 920 cooling system which after a lot of head scratching finally got it installed in my case.
prior to installing the 920 I installed the chill control VI version 1 software but the problem I have is that it's not showing the CPU temp, it shows the liquid temp, fan speed, and pump speed but know CPU temp. It says in the instructions that the software has to have OPEN HARDWARE MONITOR running in the back ground which it is but it refuses to display the CPU temp
I would really appreciate your help on this matter, thanks in advance!!!
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got a pb too here !
Can't slow fan more than 1300 rpm.

need help ! thx
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