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Crossfire/Video card disables every time I restart computer.

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OK i'm very tired of this reaccuring issue that is driver me absolutly INSANE

Every single time i restart my computer my Crossfire disables itself and my second video card stops being detected unless i spend 30 minutes, removing the card, uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling the drivers, booting using computer for 5 mins(idk but if i won't do this it wont work), shutting down, putting the video card back in the case, booting up the computer and the card MIGHT start working....if not then i have to redo this all until it does detect.. ULPS is disabled both cards are HIS Radeon 6850's both cards have adequate power to each card (400 watt dedicated to the graphics cards alone(650 watt for rest of system))

This is driving me insane because i know both cards work, and both PCI Express 2.0 slots work fine(please note: no Crossfire bridge is put on since i mine cryptocurrencies frequently.)

I have had to redo the annoying process of getting the graphics cards to work properly 2x today and each time i had to do the above steps at least 2x (currently working on the forth attempt to get graphics card #2 to work ATM)

swapped both cards alreadyd 2x to ensure that niether one of them are bad, and they both work fine.......

I have found one other thread like mine but no solution was posted, and it was for crossfired 7970 video cards.

all computer specs are down below

Please help.
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What driver are you running on. If you are using any of the recent drivers, they seem to have problems with running any 6800 cards in single or CFX configurations properly. 12.9 were the last stable drivers that i know or remember of that users seem to recomend.
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I tried 13.5 beta 2 13.4 and 12.10, but ill try 12.9 in the morning, it 2 am lol, thx for that info though.
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so yea i'm thinking i'm gonna have to rule this as a burnt out pci-e slot.
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I know this is bumping an Old thread but some new information as to what is happening has just come to my attention.

So I just plugged my brothers Radeon 6750 Video card into my system in the primary slot while putting my 7870 in my secondary slot something i noticed straight away was that my computer DETECTED BOTH cards as soon as i went into device manager before the drivers were able to correctly identify that this new card was installed.

It showed BOTH video card just fine, but since my system had yet to fully apply the VIdeo drivers to the new card i did not have full functionality of my system, so i restarted my system and then i noticed that the Drivers had taken Full effect(Aero theme, and such had started working) but there was a cache my 7870 had stopped getting detected while the 6750 was getting detected just fine.

Does anyone have some thoughts on this? I'm changing my Diagnosis from Burnt out PCI-E slot to Crappy software from AMD
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So here is my solution for this issue, from what i can peace together.

What i did was I
ONE- ran the AMD uninstall software and deleted EVERYTHING on my system AMD related in my program files / (x86) %appdata% ect...

Shut down system, Put my 7870 in primary slow WITH one 4 pin molex to 6 pin converter and one 6 pin directly from power supply connected. with the 6750 having one Direct 6 pin from PSU

Turn system ON and then install APP SDK 2.7 THEN installing 13.4 Drivber for the primary card (7870)


Flip the Switch on the back of PSU and wait for the light on the inside of your system to go off(Power indicator bottom right hand side of my Mobo) wait 10-30 seconds

Turn system ON, Log in and see if your sysem is detecting and installing drivers for your Alternate card.

If this works for you dont forget to throw a Thumbs up my way.
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