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Case alone is three kilos,I don't know,sounds like I might see the bill and faint.
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Hey guys sorry for the bump.
I have a relative travelling to Dubai in July,are PC parts at least affordable there,and how can I go about getting a good deal?
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hmmm...I did compare before US sites prices and the prices here in UAE Abu Dhabi though..I think the U.S. prices are cheaper and a lot more to choose from..
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which local stores have websites? links please. Anything is cheaper than here.
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Hey Allan, sorry for the very late reply. well I think you've already build your mini itx system.

So what did you end up with? what are the parts? and how's the performance?
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Just finished buying it actually, it's a budget core i3 system in a SG05. when it gets here I'll make a build log. $250 on the shipping though,bummer.
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Wow! atleast you bought already. Me, I have just found one shop here in Dubai that has some of the hardware that I need for this mini itx build that I really want to do.

So beside the chasis and processor did you buy a gpu as well?

To everyone, is the HD4000 good for photoshop, Lightroom and for HTPC use?

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Yeah,barely managed to get in a 7770. I don't mind though.It goes for $200 locally because only one PC store stocks it,so it was worth it. I'd say Haswell is better for Photoshop HTPC,HD4600 is at least good for light or older games. The funny thing is, Iris Pro graphics processors for desktop,with HD5200, so far only OEM's seem to get those,and it looks like they're soldered to motherboards.Intel can be such a pain sometimes.
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Hi Allan,

I've somehow decided on the case that I will be using, it is from Antec ISK 310-150. And the Motherboard and the Processor will be:

Mobo: AsRock Z87E-ItX
Processor: i5 4670

My Question is,

Does the 150 watts that comes with the case good enough for everything I will be putting in? (ssd, HDD, and the rest above)

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You should be okay as long as you don't put any single slot graphics. I believe S processors are the low power ones,so maybe a 4670S and a single slot HD7750 would be a more potent configuration.
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