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Thanks. I appreciate it.
Are you trying to tell me that if you were in business selling PC's you would make sure that all of them had some sort of backup in place? If that is what you are saying, then i think you are wrong. Do you see the big name companies doing that? No! Because it is the customers responsibility to see to backing up their own system. Whether they wish to utilize a RAID setup, or backup via the Cloud, or even use DVD RW to back up their data on a scheduled basis.
Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you even if it is the simplest option. For how easy it is and how much value it can add to YOUR service that you are putting in YOUR reputation for, it is not a bad thought. Of course that would still only apply to certain situations, but it is definitely a good way to boost your reputation for "noobs". Big name companies aren't necessarily ethical, which I have 0 concern for if that is the case.

If you are truly trying to build a long term profitable service you need to provide the things a big company wouldn't. Personal reputation is huge to lasting small business success. I'm not sure what you are trying to argue with me for.