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Display stopped working.

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So, tonight I decided I was going to clean my SLI GTX 680's. Did the normal, power off PC, unplug, hit power button for 10 sec to make sure system was cleared. Grounded myself on the case, and begun unhooking the cables. Removed GPU 2 and cleaned it. Decided since I had GPU 2 removed I'd run some benches to secure some data to check for any degrading of performance after the first 8 months. Plugged the power back and and booted...System starts but nothing appears on screen...Weird...So I power down, repeat but remove GPU1 and replace it with GPU2...Reboot..Same issue, no picture system boots and mobo shows no error codes.

Weird..So I take out GPU2 and directly connect DVI cable to Mobo. Boot..Everything works perfectly...Weird...So I try again with GPU1..Nothing..Well system is still booted I disconnect HDMI cable from GPU1 and hook it into Mobo..Bam picture pops up..

I've no idea what's happening, and why suddenly my GPU's are not displaying anything.
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Update, So I've hooked GPU1 into the 2nd PCI-e 2.0 slot, and it displays the image perfectly..

Yet PCI-E 3.0 slot still functions for SLI, it's not displaying any image? What would cause that?

Update 2:

So apparently it's showing a image using the PCI-E 2.0 slot. However the system is not seeing the card as a Nvidia GPU. So no control panel or MSI afterburner.

If I hook a GPU into the PCI-e 3.0 slot it will see the card and function fine in SLI or single using slot 1 as the..idk..the key? lol I've had zero lucky with Mobo's this year, went through this Z77. a Z86, and a Asrock Extreme4 in a year. This it was the last PSU but I've got a 80 gold 1000 wat now, so I cannot see that being the issue
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