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thanks everyone for the replies
TMPIN1 is the heatsinks mounted on mobo since msi just suit laptops and sux at anything else, those heatsinks get overheated on max performance there's a big one left side of cpu that has level 2 in turn on overheating, the main one is a square one below CPU that get overheated first and the third one is a little heatsink lower right side that wont really get hot

when they get overheated the safety options just bring an undefined picture on monitor that just means "restart me"

as u can see this sucked up mobo cant handle a slight overclock and however u cool the system those heatsink's wrong positions and architecture would ruin ur overclock
even the big MSI labels on the heatsinks were an obstacle for airflow

I went to church and repent for this sin, i wont even look at manufacturers who touch other products to have more money, i had to get asrock or asus for mobo