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Laptop not charging!

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and for about a year and a half my battery has decided it doesn't want to charge anymore. I've changed the battery once, the charger 4 or 5 times and the charging board once yesterday. I've updated the BIOS as well and it's done nothing like everything else. Once in a blue moon it will decide to charge and I'll have a full battery that'll last me about a week, but won't recharge afterwards. When I plug the charger in it comes up with a warning saying "Please use a Dell 65W Charger or the battery will not charge". Or something to that effect.

I hope someone can shed some light on this situation because it's really annoying my laptop isn't as mobile as it should be!

Many thanks,
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what charger are you using? Might need to get a new charger. Or if you did it might not be big enuff or compatible with the laptop.
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I've been through about 5 chargers and they're all the same, they have to be a PA-21 which is what I get every time and it still just doesn't work! My laptop specifically says only use that type of charger!
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This might sound funny, but you might try replacing the CMOS battery to see if that helps. You said you've already opened it up and changed the charging port, which means you would have caught any loose connections inside and obviously you swapped the usual culprit (the charging port) so maybe it's just the CMOS battery is shot and it's screwing things up. Replacing it might just make everything happy.
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The CMOS battery? Is that the small button cell on the motherboard?
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And I'm not having any time or date issues so surely the battery has enough charge in it?
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Yeah, it's the small battery on the motherboard that is *usually* removable.

I was just throwing an idea out really, who knows if it will work but at least it's a relatively inexpensive way to test it out. But come to think of it, a bad CMOS battery might not be the exact problem. But heck, just removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes, discharging all the power you can by holding down the power button, and putting the CMOS back in and plugging everything in might clear any hold up or reset any capacitors on the motherboard that have gone wonky. A shot capacitor can cause all sorts of weird issues and depending on where and what the cap is for, I could see it affecting battery recharge. Definitely at least try taking out the battery, discharging everything, and putting it back in.
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