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Soo i have the 680 GTX super overclock, Its 3 slots of the pc case i wat to put him in my 2x16 pci and my 570 gtx in my 1 x 16 pci and set the main card on the second 16x pci slot (680 gtx) wich would be my display plugued in . I do that because if i put the 680 on the 1 x 16 pci it will block the second one (2x16pci) t, ihave another pci slot at x8 the question is if its possible to that i mean if there is a problem that the main card be in the second slot 16 x, and the second question if i put the 570 gtx at the 8x pci slot i would have a bad performance instead the 16x
Obs : the 570 gtx is just for phisX